Meet the Leadership Team!

We are dedicated broncos who care deeply about helping other broncos live healthy.  Reach out to any of us about your health and fintess goals!



Alex Perlman

 Director of Internal Activity

  Favorite ACTIVITIES: Yoga & Weight Lifting

I believe there is so much to be gained from carving time out of your day for your body and mind.  Since beginning this lifestyle when I was 14, I have come to live happier, more energized and more focused. I no longer take any medication for my learning disability and feel so much better as a result.

Today,I carve my day around creating time for a health body, a clear mind and a grateful spirit. Most of my experience in fitness is in weighting lifting with the goal of developing lean muscle mass.  Other activities, I have come to love in my daily life today include yoga and writing in my gratitude journal. Reach out and let's chat about weighting lifting, creating headspace or whatever!  






           Sydney Emerson

              Director of Events



I have come to learn that health is so much more than a good workout and a green smoothie (though I do love both those things hehe). I grew up outside of Boston, and I spent my first year at SCU struggling to find my place and my people. Too much exercise and not enough food became my distraction, and ultimately I ended up really compromising my health. 

Fast forward a year, after deciding to honor my mental and physical health, I completed a yoga sculpt teacher training and began to really understand what healthy looked like for me. Balance was (and is) key. I truly believe it is such a privilege to have an able body and taking care of it is DOPE





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             Francie Mccall

Content Creator

   Favorite Activity: CrossFit




For me, health and fitness is so much more than eating right and hitting the gym x times a week; to me fitness is the way you feel when you find peace with your body and are able to celebrate the beautiful machine that it is. I believe everyone should find a physical outlet in their life, not only to stay active, but more importantly to stay empowered.  

 My activity of choice is crossfitting at a local box, Sundown Crossfit; just 3 blocks from campus! I love being able to do fun and different workouts every day to challenge myself both physically and mentally. Since I started crossfit 5 years ago, I've noticed I feel so much healthier and stronger and have gained so much confidence in many aspects of my life. I am so in love with what physical fitness has done to enhance my life and empower me that I hope to share it with as many people who will listen!   





Sammi Bennett

Sammi Bennett - Community outreach

   FAVORITE ACTIVITies: Dancing and Hiking

Hi sunshiny person! My health and fitness journey is surrounded by the idea of bringing joy and compassionate into everything I do. One of the most important aspects of my life is leading a plant-based vegan diet which I have done for the past three years. I find so much joy in my vegan lifestyle and think it is the most sustainable and compassionate way to live and I love to share this with others. In terms of physical activity, I've been dancing since I was three years old, I absolutely love to hike and backpack, run, and practice yoga! I've just recently started swing dancing too, which is a blast. I love to share my lifestyle choices with others and hope I influence people to lead a more environmentally friendly, and intentional life. You can find me dancing in grocery aisles, singing, camping, reading lots of books, and playing the ukulele- reach out for anything. 



Marina Schmitz

  Social Media director 

   Favorite Activitie: Running 

Hi Everyone! I'm Marina Schmitz. I am a Junior and love to be active and travel. I studied in Rome last quarter and was able to spend my days outdoors feasting on the local cuisine and taking in all of the beautiful sights around Europe.

I played club soccer in Rome and was a member of the All-Star Team. My favorite part of the whole semester was hiking Harder Klum in Interlaken, Switzerland with my two friends. 





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