Here are a few tips from us about living healthy on our campus . Whether 

Physical Health

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A Happier mind & spirit  

Here are some ways you can improve your mental health through physical activity. 

1. Keep a gratitude Journal - Scientist have found that writing down 3 things a day you are thankful for, improves happiness. We have them!

2. Meditate-  While challenging at first, mediation has been proven to provide a wide variety of mental health benefits. Go check out Campus Ministries mediation room on first floor benson to escape the stress of school.  


Meet with a leadership team member 

We care a lot about you, your story and your health goal! Reach out to us to seek personal advice. Whether you want to develop a workout routine, need a healthy shopping list for the Trader Joe's run or just want to chat, we would love to talk to you. We are here to empower confidence in your body and mind. Please make our day and let us help you.

Click here to meet the leadership team and reach out to whomever you think best serves your needs. 

Other Resources 

On campus: 

  • Campus Ministry
  • Campus Creation
  • The Wellness Center

Books, movies and other stuff we love: